The Glass Magician - Charlie N. Holmberg

tl;dr - |✭✭✭✭✩| This book was a wonderful sequel to the first book, and was paced better than the first. Very enjoyable, and a very easy read. 

Description Three months after returning Magician Emery Thane’s heart to his body, Ceony Twill is well on her way to becoming a Folder. Unfortunately, not all of Ceony’s thoughts have been focused on paper magic. Though she was promised romance by a fortuity box, Ceony still hasn’t broken the teacher-student barrier with Emery, despite their growing closeness.When a magician with a penchant for revenge believes that Ceony possesses a secret, he vows to discover it…even if it tears apart the very fabric of their magical world. After a series of attacks target Ceony and catch those she holds most dear in the crossfire, Ceony knows she must find the true limits of her powers…and keep her knowledge from falling into wayward hands.

So I enjoyed this book a bit more than the first book. It didn't lag like the first book did, and the story overall seemed to flow better. The romance between the Ceony and Emery felt a little bit.... contrived. There were few moments where you could see some affection show through on his part, but overall it felt a little forced. I enjoyed it, but you could definitely feel that it didn't feel authentic. 


I also enjoyed the introduction of the different types of magic. It was talked about a lot in the previous book, but this time we actually got to see it in action. I also loved the development of Ceony and her powers, as well as the explorations and development of the way magic works. 


Overall this was a nice story. I will definitely read the final book in the trilogy when it comes out, and I liked the books enough to buy them, but I could understand why people wouldn't get into the story. Not the best books I've read, but fun easy reads.