A World Without Princes - Soman Chainani

tl;dr | ✭✭✭✭✭ | This was a fantastic sequel, a great story and i absolutely loved it. Must read if you liked the first book!!

Description - Sophie and Agatha returned home and have been welcomed back as heroes. Nobody has ever returned once take to the School for Good and Evil. But after a few months of being home, the novelty has worn off and Sophie is upset to no longer be the center of attention. And Agatha... she's not so sure how happy she is to be home after all. She finds herself missing Tedros, and wondering if she did the right thing. When Agatha secretly wishes she had stayed with Tedros, it changes everything. Now, something or someone dark is coming for Sophie, and they won't give up. When the entire town is being threatened, the town elders feel as though there is only one options: give the mysterious threats what they want - Sophie. 

Agatha knows this is her fault, so she goes after Sophie and tries to keep her safe. When they find themselves back at the School for Good and Evil... they find things are very different than when they left. Witches have become princesses, and some princesses have become... ugly. Princes and werewolves are working together. Strange alliances have been made, and something dark is brewing beneath the surface. Can Sophie and Agatha figure out whats really going on before an all out war breaks loose? 

Book two! And it was fantastic! No sequel syndrome here! So. Agatha and Sophie are back, and they are very changed. Agatha is daydreaming about Tedros, and Sophie is dedicated to her friendship with Agatha and proving that she is no longer the witch she became at the school. And that is the entire set up to this book. How the change wrought in these characters affects them so much throughout the book. Sophie's determination to stay good, and not give in to her evil feelings. Agatha's guilt over the feelings she has for Tedros, and her desire for a happy ending with him over her happy ending with her best friend. Its such a fantastic setup for this book. 


TEDROS! Bad boy Tedros, oh man! The storyline following him and really all the men of the fairy tale world was awesome. This whole story was a treasure. I am struggling to figure out what to talk about without giving away any major spoilers. Ha. But the story was great, same great pacing and same great storytelling by Mr. Chainani. There wasn't ever a time where I felt as though the story was lacking and suffering from second book (sequel) syndrome. There was also an absolutely fantastic moment between Sophie and Tedros, and I really hope it will be important to the next book. This series is set to be a trilogy, and I am completely excited for the next book, which won't be coming out until next summer! Ah!  I cannot wait.