Strange and Ever After - Susan Dennard

tl;dr - | ✭✭✭✭✩ | THIS BOOK! Oh my goodness. The ending. Sigh. I enjoyed this book, it was better than the second in my opinion. I loved the setting (Egypt, hurray!), the character development. 

Description - In this finale to the trilogy, Eleanor, Oliver, and the Spirit Hunters are in pursuit of Marcus who is heading to Egypt. Marcus took her brother, her mother, and now Jie and Eleanor knows she must be the one to stop Marcus for good, even if it means using her powers that Daniel and Joseph despise. But that is easier said than done, as Eleanor's old friend Allison has shown up and inserted herself right in the middle of this mess. Not only does Eleanor have to figure out her feelings for Daniel, what she's going to do about Oliver, rescue Jie, but now she must make sure Allison remains safe and ignorant to the events going on as well. The only way to beat Marcus is to face him head on, a battle to the end. 

Oh man. Oh man, oh man. So this is the end to the series. And what an ending it is. Eleanor has become essentially power hungry. She is a very different Eleanor from when the series started. She is willing to do whatever she needs to do defeat Marcus, even it means destroying herself in the process. 


Her relationships with everyone she knows are straining. She doesn't know how she feels about Daniel or how to interact with him, especially since he doesn't approve of her powers. Joseph is continually disappointed when she uses her powers, and Oliver wants her to use them for his own selfish reasons. She doesn't know how to navigate the waters of these stormy relationships. She is desperate to keep Allison ignorant to details of their journey, but is finding that a harder task than she originally imagined. And Jie! Poor, kidnapped Jie. Forced to wear gowns and her hair all fancy like a true lady... 


Anyways. This story definitely didn't have the ending I anticipated. Even though it was kind of hinting towards what would happen... There is just kind of a notion that YA can't be ruthless. And the ending was. It was definitely and ending that was so sad and hurt, but - as much as I hate to admit it - it was the right ending. Actions have consequences, and you have to live with them. And this ending follows that. As hard as the ending was, it was a wonderful ending to the series. I really, really enjoyed my time in this world. I've definitely bought the books and will read them again!