Reboot - Amy Tintera

TL;DR |✭✭✭✭✩| I really liked this story! It was unique (to me), and well written, and the audiobook was well read. I am definitely buying these, hardback copies. 

Description Wren-178. Can't forget the numbers. In a futuristic American society, when someone dies they must be watched. Because some of these people reboot. When a kid reboots, they are barcoded with their number - how long they were dead before they rebooted. The longer it takes for you to wakeup, the less human, emotional, you are, the colder you are physically, the faster and stronger you become. Reboots heal faster, run faster, and are stronger than humans. And they have been taken in by HARC, used to police the slums and bring in criminals. Wren has always been the best solider, being the highest number reboot in the Republic of Texas. She's also a trainer of newbie reboots. As the highest numbered reboot, she has first choice on her trainee. This time, she chooses a 22. But he is slow, emotional, and won't take orders. He smiles constantly, and Wren doesn't know how to deal with that. People avoid her, not smile at her. When the command comes down to get Callum-22 in line or eliminate him, Wren is forced with a choice. She's never disobeyed orders before, but this new reboot makes her feel things she hasn't felt since she rebooted. 

Wow, that felt like a long description. But I guess it isn't longer than the one on goodreads. ha. Anyways. This book. I really, really enjoyed it. The idea was very new to me, as they aren't zombies but they do come back from the dead. I thought this book was very well written and paced. I got this book from my library as an audiobook, and I felt the reader did a great job.


Wren was a really interesting character to have narrating the story. Being such a high-numbered reboot, life is different to her. Higher number reboots are seen as less emotional, less human, and are generally feared by humans and reboots alike. The only people who accept her are her fellow 120s and above. The reboots are typically sectioned off in three different groups. 60s and below, 60s-120s, and 120s and above. Wren's roommate is an under 60, and is the only person she'd consider a friend. Wren isn't emotional. She doesn't seem to care that she doesn't really have friends. She hates humans and their screaming, their fear of her. 


So it was nice to read this book where she isn't weirded out by a boy showing her attention because of insecurity issues - she's weirded out because people are scared of her. She's deadly and everyone knows it, but this kid doesn't seem to know or care. Her confusion over him is really amusing, and well done. I really liked their chemistry and the relationship that grows between them, how they learn from each other. 


I also like that this book is only a two book series. I've read the second book (review to follow), and I am glad she didn't try to spread it out over a third book. It would've been too much. Two books was perfect for this series. But yes. I really enjoyed listening to this book, and I most definitely plan on buying it. It felt very unique, and it was well written.