The Madness Underneath  - Maureen Johnson
2.5 stars

tl;dr this is how i felt reading this book:  


Description Rory is in therapy over in Bristol with her parents after the Ripper incident. She hasn't heard anything from her other ghost-seeing friends, though she has talked to her Wexford friends a bit. But Rory is unhappy having to lie to everyone. But then the unexpected happens: Rory's therapist suggests she goes back to Wexford, and Rory jumps at the chance to go. But things are changing, and with Rory being the only remaining terminus left, she has to decide how comfortable she is with destroying ghosts that are causing troubles. 

So this book is shorter than the first, which makes me wonder why it is even its own book. Because in all honestly, it wasn't a strong enough story to be a stand alone book in my opinion. The first one was pretty good, but this was rather disappointing. 

So yeah. This book went in an interesting direction, and I'm not sure how I feel about it. We've now got a crazy religious cult that wants Rory for their master plan of - well, you'll see f you read it. We still have very little of Jazza, which again is disappointing. I like her character a lot, I wish she was more than just another friend Rory has to feel guilty about lying to. 

Also, the romantic interest. I don't like the way madam author writes them. Its like she throws them in because she feels like Rory has to have someone she's attracted to. Like there has to be a love interest or else the book won't be ok. But really, the way the love interest are written, you could do without them at all Ms Johnson. I mean, here is how they all go down: [Rory and boy are talking about something scary/something traumatic just happened.] [Rory snuggles in closer as they talk] [They kiss] [Rory feels all wobbly inside because she's turned on but can't say that right out because its a YA book]. There's no chemistry between her and her love interests, and I know that one instance its supposed to be that way. The other I'm not so sure about.

Anyways, overall I was pretty disappointed with this book. It could've been the beginning part of the next book that comes out, it really didn't need to be its own book. So i mean its up to you if you want to read this book.