Because of Her - K.E. Payne
tl;dr I really liked this book! It was super cute and I loved it. 

I received this as an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Description Tabby's parents have forced her to move from northern England to London for her father's new job, and Tabby is not at all happy about it. She hates the city and misses her girlfriend Amy dearly. But then Tabby meets Eden, and falls head over heels for her. But Eden is straight, and Tabby promised Amy she'd do everything she could to get kicked out of Queen Victoria's school and make her way back to the north. Tabby is torn between the girl she was with Amy, and the girl she wants to be when she's around Eden. 

I must say, I really liked this book! Normally I'm a bit wary of contemporary romance, because its almost always just feels the same. Girl meets boy and BAM insta!love, they are thrown together and girl is constantly insecure that boy doesn't like her when its blatantly obvious he does, then theres drama and then they end up together.


But this one was different. It starts out how any romance does, girl meets someone who instantly captivates her and she's interested. This story builds at a great pace, and it isn't so long that you are just waiting for it to be done. I mean, maybe because is the first lesbian YA book that I've read but it was nice and refreshing take on the contemporary romance. 

I liked Tabby a lot, and I really liked her character growth a lot. I liked reading from her narrative, and getting to know Eden through her perspective. I thought the whole story was really sweet and was a fun story to read. 


I also liked the aspects of coming out in this story. At first, I wasn't sure if she was out to her friends or family. Then she came out to her two new friends at school, who took it wonderfully and I think it felt pretty well, having had a few close friends come out to me before. I liked the dynamic of Tabby having feelings for Eden, but not able to act on them because Eden is straight, I felt like that was an interesting conflict. 


Anyways I really liked this story. It was a fantastic young adult story that I would suggest to any teen looking for a good romance book.