Scarlet - Marissa Meyer
tl;dr Fantastic sequel to Cinder. Great story, awesome twist on Little Red Riding hood, and very well written. If you liked the first, its a must read! 

Description Cinder aka Princess Selena has escaped from prison along with a fellow prison she meets along the way. Over in France, Scarlett Benoit (balls) is searching for her Grandmother who has been missing for weeks. She meets Wolf, a dangerous looking street fighter who may have information on her grandmother's whereabouts. Reluctantly, she agrees to his help. Their adventures lead them to meet up with Cinder, and they must all try to keep away from Queen Levana and her mind controlling minions. 

Was that a bad description? I feel like it was a bad description. And for that I'm sorry. 

Oh boy Marissa Meyer. Oh boy.

I must say. You did not disappoint! With how much I loved the first book, it is so common to be let down with the sequel. All to common really, but no. Fear not, fellow readers! For you will not be disappointed! 

This book takes place right after the previous books stops. Maybe a few days have passed at most, but not many at all. Cinder is trying to break out of prison, but miscalculates and ends up in Thorne's room, which means she has to take him with her. You know, his name is rather apt to his personality. He is kind of a thorn in her (and my) side. I didn't really care for his character. I mean, he was useful in a few minimal ways, but mostly he was just annoying. Its like, he was a poorly done Finnick. Did anyone else get that feeling? That he was supposed to be some pseudo sleazy super study guy that has some rakish properties but you still like him? Only I didn't really like him. He was just kind of annoying. 

But yeah. Anyways, onto Scarlet. Because her, I loved!! She was WONDERFUL! So spunky, so tough, so bad ass! I love how capable she is, how she can take care of herself. She's so loyal, sassy, and wonderful. 

Wolf - dark, mysterious, brooding. He seriously fits into that perfectly. I had a brief flash of "is he <something>.... nah he can't be because of reasons" (which i actually had reasons, but no spoilers here), so I shook that feeling off, but then it turns out my original feeling was RIGHT! So you know, these books aren't super subtle. I mean, in the first I guessed pretty early on that Cinder was Princess Selena. (Selene? I forget). And again I did it with this one, although it was hidden a little better this time. Still, it doesn't exactly ruin the story. The story is so solid and enjoyable anyways. 

Also. Scarlet and Wolf - the relationship. It was so well done, just like in the first book. I love the way Marissa Meyer (I'm sorry, I can't say Ms Meyer because then I think of Stephanie Meyer and I hate twilight) writes her romantic relationships. They're so real. You can feel it. Its not an instant sight "ZOMG I LUV HIM 5EVA" 

Sorry I just made myself sick writing that. But for real. She's drawn to Wolf because of course he is attractive, and has startling green eyes. But she's wary of him, and even threatens him at one point (YEAH GIRL!). But then she slowly comes to trust him, and they're put through some crazy stuff in a short amount of time and her feelings grow. It felt natural; real. It was wonderful and I love them together. #Perfection. 

Anyways. READ IT! :D