Boundless - Cynthia Hand

tl;dr There were some things i really liked about this book, and some things I really didn't like about this book. And I'm torn because of those things, on whether i actually enjoyed it or not. There will most definitely be spoilers, so I would suggest you not read more unless you want to see said spoilers. This post will also contain swears. Because…. sometimes I can't contain myself. 

Description After the death of Clara's mum, Clara, Christain, and Angela are off to Stanford to start their college careers. Things are a little strained between Angela and Clara after their summer in Italy, and Clara's having a hard time getting over her ex-boyfriend Tucker. Plus, Clara's got her new terrifying purpose visions to worry about - which again coincide with Christian's visions. Not to mention Samjeeza has been following her around, even after moving to Stanford. Clara knows trouble is brewing, and its only a matter of time before they must face off against the black wings. Will she be read in time?  

So when I started this book I was all: 

because Clara and Tucker are broken up for real, and she didn't spend time with him after Italy. And because Christian is also going to Stanford - YES! So you know, I'm super excited about where this book is headed right? (Aside from Angela, cause she's just annoying). But it seems like Clara is only ever thinking about/complaining about Tucker which is annoying. 

And I get it. When I was her age - I was the same way post-breakup. Pretty sure I still would be, but its been ages and thats besides the point. I didn't care how much she missed Tucker. 

And Angela - can I just vent for a moment? Start Rant: She's going off to Italy and having an affair with an undecided angel, and won't listen to a single thing Clara - her best friend - tells her about him, even though her BFF is a super powerful 3/4 blood angel and has super awesome powers of feeling people out. But noooo. She won't even let Clara talk about Phen. (Note: if you haven't read the unearthly novella, thats where this is coming from. If you're silly and reading this before reading the book even with all the spoilers, know that you'll be fine not reading the novella before this book - you wont' be confused.) So that was driving me crazy. And she really just treated Clara like a crap friend - as per usual. And then they get back and she goes radio silent, hardly talking to Clara then completely shutting her out. 

I mean seriously. Yeah sure, you're pregnant. You finally "get" what your vision supposedly means. But of course, she then blames a human guy saying its his baby when its not - SO SO RUDE. She just completely ruined/changed some dudes life! For real- what the actual fuck, Angela?

Queen of bad decisions. And even after the baby, she won't talk to or listen to Clara or accept her help. And yeah a baby changes things, but it doesn't give you leeway to be super rude to your friends. Especially when they're trying to save you and your baby's life. For real. I really just can't stand her character. End rant. 

Ok. So I got that off my chest finally. Now on to Clara x Christian.

Poor, poor Christina. He is so freaking good to Clara and what does she do? Stomp all over him. She never really gives him a chance, because she allows Tucker to enter her thoughts always. Even when Christian asks her on a date and is all adorable, she screws things up. And its so frustrating. Christian is so right for Clara, and so good for her - he makes her stronger (which she even says) but noooooo. Clara is still too in love with Tucker. UGH!!!

At the end, in the Epilogue (which I hated, btw - but that will come later), I was so SO glad he didn't come to the little reunion or whatever. I'm glad he was basically like "fuck you clara I still remember how shitty of a friend/person you were to me". So yeah, I hated that she manipulated him into going to purgatory/hell wherever they went. She straight up used his feelings for her to get him to go with, even though he said he didn't want to. So boo on you Clara, for letting a great guy get away. 

And as I realize just how negative this review is getting, so I might as well continue with the stuff I was frustrated with before I go on to the things I loved. Also, I'm sorry for how long this review already is… and is going to be….

You're right Tay Tay, I'm not really sorry. 

On with the review!

Ok. So, another thing I hated: the end. Of course Clara teleports them to Tucker's barn, because she has done that every time she tries to teleport and the one time it matters she can't get her shit together. Of course. And so of course Tucker gets involved with a super evil bad black wing. Of course. What else would happen? Because of course this book had to go there. It could've ended differently - better. But no. You had to go there, Hand, didn't you? The bitch who seduces and screws over Clara's brother has to kidnap Tucker then basically kill him, sending Clara into a crazy upset fit. So then of course Clara teleports to the pre-other side and sees him. Which, you know, I would've been ok with had she allowed him to pass on. But no. Oh no. That would make too much sense, be too rational, and show that your choices have an effect on others and sometimes its negative so you just have to live with those effects of your decision. Of course Clara has the power to bring Tucker back to life. Sure she does. She's only 3/4 of an angel, so she totally has that power and its totally believable that she does. 

And sure now that she's brought him back, because he was brought back by supernatural methods - he now has powers of seeing the future or something and will live as long as Clara.

Yeah Joan, I get it. I'm mad too. Because that is just way too much. Too convenient. And I think the thing that makes me the most mad about all of this stuff that happened is not that Tucker lived necessarily, but that Clara has absolutely no repercussions for her actions. In the first two books, everyone kept saying "Stop being so selfish Clara - Its not all about you Clara." And I didn't really get it, I didn't feel like she was being overly selfish, overly self centered. But in this book I see it. She uses Christian to basically have him save her life and make her feel better, knowing the way he feels about her but the fact that she doesn't reciprocate his feelings. She should've cut him off but no. So then she tries to save Angela when Angela gets sent to hell. Ok, I get that - but to do that she makes a deal with a black wing who is stalking her, and basically manipulates Christian into coming because she knows he has feelings for her and she needs his strength to survive down there, even though Christian straight up tells her thats a crazy plan and no they should not go. 

So Samjeeza tells her not to talk to anyone when she's down there besides Angela. Then she disobeys him to find her brother in hell, then because she spends a ton of time convincing him to come back - people catch on and shit goes down. But still, she gets them all out of it because apparently she's strong enough to teleport 4 full grown people out of hell. She's apparently so damn powerful, that it's not a problem teleporting two men and a grown young woman, along with herself, out of hell when the sorrow is overwhelming her. I mean, seriously? 

So fast forward to the part where she teleports them to Tucker's barn, kills/saves (in the religious sense) the evil black wing who is both Christian AND Angela's dad, then after a chase scene gets to bring Tucker back to life. 

SORRY MS HAND BUT NO. I do not accept this ending. She is not all-powerful. She does not get to make decisions that suck for everyone else, then have every single thing work out perfectly. No. Its just not ok. Which leads to the Epilogue of Claire and Tucker getting married and living happily every after with everything all peachy and perfect. And I hated that ending. I hated that epilogue. And that was the biggest reason I was so torn on whether or not I liked the book in the end. 

And with that out of my system, I'll go to the things I actually liked! But I'll be quick.

  1. I liked Clara training with her dad. I thought that was awesome.

  2. I like Christian. 

  3. I liked the Clara decided she wanted to be a doctor. I mean, I agreed with Christain that it was risky for her to use her angel powers to heal people, but her mom was a nurse too. So overall I liked it. 

  4. I liked that Clara went out and made friends pretty easily at Stanford.

  5. I liked that she never forgot about her brother even though he ran away/she moved away. It could've been easy to exclude him from the story, to write him out. But that didn't happen and I was glad for it. 

  6. I liked Clara showing Christian the house she grew up in. 

  7. I loved all the training interactions between Christian and Clara. 

And yeah, thats all I can think of at the moment. 

So the overall consensus: I was really disappointed in the ending, but it was still a well written book with a good plot line and well paced. So if you liked the other two, if you've read the other two, you must read this one.