Hallowed - Cynthia Hand

tl;dr An interesting second book. I really enjoyed it, although I'm really getting tired of Angela real fast. 

Description After failing to complete her purpose, Claire is more confused than ever about what she's supposed to do in her life. But when her new vision starts, all she can figure out is someone she loves is going to die - she just can't figure out who. Things are a bit strained between Tucker and Claire, ever since coming clean about her purpose and what she is, and it seems like everything and everyone is pushing her and Christian together. 

So some things I felt in this book: I don't really like Angela. She's super pushy, doing things that Clara has either specifically asked her not to (book 1 when she starts grilling Clara's mom even though she told her specifically not to), or forcing Clara to talk about things when Angela isn't even very open about her private life. I'm pretty sure the only reason they're BFFs is because they're both Angels, but I'm just really over her. 


Ok and lets see… what else. I definitely get Clara's anger at her mom too. I would be beyond angry myself, what with all the secrets and the minimal information she'll give Clara. It's not like she's a normal teenage girl or anything. Though I am glad Clara comes around in the end, and I wish her brother would too. 


Also: Tucker. Lets see. I like his character. I really, really do. I think he's a great character - a great guy. But I don't like him with Clara. I really don't. I much prefer Christian for Clara, but I'm sure this is another stupid "TEAM EDWARD VS TEAM JACOB" debate which is lame, and why I hate love triangles so much. But seriously - Tucker is super nice, but he's human, with a normal human life span. He's really not coping well with Clara being an Angel. And I get it - he's Clara's first love. So I get why she wants to be with him, but I just wish she'd give Christian a better shot. Please, Clara - just give Christain a real shot! Please?


But yeah. Overall a pretty good story with some interesting developments. An fun read. Hurray!