Frost - Marianna Baer

tl;dr |✭✭✩✩✩| I wasn't impressed by this book. I didn't find it scary, nor did i find it suspenseful. The haunted element was very under-done, and overall it was just... blah. 

Description Leena goes to boarding school, and one day in her Junior year she stumbles across Frost house and instantly feels a connection. She talks her principal into turning it into a girl's dorm (instead of a boys dorm), and her senior year she ends up as a member of frost house with her two best friends... and one unexpected dorm mate. Leena isn't thrilled Celeste will be staying with them, especially in Leena's room, but when she's assured it will only be for the semester she decides to make the best of it. As classes begin, strange things start happening in Frost house, especially around Celeste. These strange happenings start sparking resentment between Celeste and her housemates, and while Leena tries to resolve things peacefully more and more odd occurrences continue to happen. Is it Celeste's attention craving efforts, or is it something more? 

I love horror movies. And maybe I've just watched so many that I've got a high scare tolerance. This book wasn't scary. Nothing blatantly scary happens ever. It wasn't even creepy. Sometimes, I'll read something that isn't scary but it does have a creepy feel and a nice tension and anxiety about it. But unfortunately, this book had none of those things for me. 


So the character development wasn't really there. There's Leena and Celeste, and Celeste's brother... but then the other two girls - Leena's best friends, they are completely forgettable. Why are they best friends? Where is the friendship that makes them want to live together in this old house to begin with? It hardly seems like its there at all, it wasn't really fleshed out. So when the friendships started falling apart (as they do in the horror genre), I didn't really get any sense of despair or loss. 


I also felt the romance between Celeste's brother and Leena was... forgettable. I don't know. I get Leena's reasoning for not wanting a relationship (totally in that boat right now myself), but when she finally does cave and end up starting a relationship with him it was kind of lackluster. It wasn't memorable. I mean, I can't remember any moments where I thought "awww!" And as for the haunting thing. Nothing really happens. Celeste has trouble sleeping, and her stuff gets kinda thrown around (except Leena never sees it get thrown except once, its just found strewn across the room), then she gets mysterious bruises. And Leena is hypnotized by the closet. And thats about it.


There really wasn't any tension or budding anxiety ever. No suspense. It was just weird, then all the sudden the big finale happens and then thats about it. Reasonable explanations are found and thats about it. I was rather let down and hoped for better, but sadly it just wasn't scary and the story wasn't good enough to make up for that fact.