Delusional - Scott Spotson, Sue Publicover

tl;dr A pretty good story overall, but it dragged at times and was a little wordy. 

This is my first ever book review request! Quite exciting, and I must say I do love getting these requests!! Sorry it took so long to write it :( Boo holidays. Anyways. 

So overall this was a pretty enjoyable book. The beginning was a little difficult to get into though. We start out meeting Patricia while she is swimming at the gym on her lunch break. It seems like even though she is a successful woman, all she can think about it getting a man. image

So I wasn't too fond of that beginning for our main character, but thats just me. Then, when we're meeting Paul for the first time at the hot tub, it got a little too wordy. Too clinical. Like, you don't need to go into in depth detail about how "this dude is clearly fit and there are hints of muscle under his stomach which is not super defined but still fit, but has a pooch when he bends over." 


You gotta leave unimportant details like that to the imagination. Short and sweet and to the point. But once you get past this part, the story is pretty good. A mysterious jewel heist going on simultaneously with the love story helped keep it from getting too obsessive about Patricia's new crush in the beginning. I really enjoyed the supernatural elements to it, though I was they had been explained a little bit better than they were. Overall an interesting story and an enjoyable read!