Ruby Red - Kerstin Gier

tl;dr I quite enjoyed this book. It was a very fast paced book, and just as quick of a read. Hurrah time travel!


Description Gwenyth is a 16 year old girl living in London. While she's always known her cousin Charlotte was destined to inherit the time traveling gene in their family, Gwenyth has always felt quite normal. Aside from the fact she can see and talk to ghosts. But then one day, Gwenyth travels back in time to her dismay, and everyone learns she is in fact the one who inherited the time travel gene. Something mysterious is going on with the time travelers, and Gwenny must figure out what that particular mystery is, and who she can trust. 

So I was originally drawn to this series because, at work, I saw the final book in the series and was intrigued by the cover. Then, when I read the jacket and saw it was about time travelers, I was sold. I mean come on….

So I decided to give it a shot. And it was an amusing read, most definitely. Gwenyth is such a modern girl, very spunky and in the moment and I adore her for it. 

Although I can't lie, I was rather distracted when I first started reading the book and couldn't shake that distraction for the first 75 pages or so. Not because the book was dreadful, but I will have to go back and end up re-reading the beginning. Anyways, I love that Gwen has her best friend Lesley that she tells everything to, who ends up researching everything while Gwen is off prancing about the 19th century. Also, the ghosts she sees are quite amusing. James is great, especially his remarks on modern times. 

Not a whole ton is explained in this book, but you do find the major overarching mystery that will carry on through the trilogy. Its pretty intriguing, although a little too mysterious. As in, we don't know enough to be on edge about what could happen should everything fall into place. So instead its like a mild curiosity like "Hm, i wonder what could happen. Oh is that pizza?!" Also, things with Gideon happen rather suddenly which threw me off as well. So theres that. Anyways, overall a fun read! If you like time travel and the idea of going back into the past, its a good option and I suggest it!