Dance of Shadows - Yelena Black

tl:dr✭✭✩✩✩ | I didn’t really like this book. Its supernatural, and outside of the opening prologue, it tries to shy away as much as possible from the supernatural until the last minute. I didn’t really care for the characters or their development. I only really liked the bits where she was dancing and rehearsing, of which there were many. 

Description: Vanessa, like her older sister, is a ballerina. But after her sister's disappearance from a prestigious New York ballet school, Vanessa isn't really feeling it anymore. But she knows she has to get to that school and investigate what happened, because she doesn't believe that her sister would just run away. When she gets to school, though, she starts learning of an odd and eery pattern, and realizes that things aren't what they seem.

Ok. So this book. I read it shortly after reading pointe by brandy Colbert. It was a ballet mood I guess. And there were done things this author dd that I really liked. But overall the story was poor.

The good: I loved all the dancing moments - of which there were many. Her practicing, the feeling she gets when she's dancing. I loved it. It felt quasi-real - the non stop practicing anyways. Not the weird supernatural element part. 

..... I think thats all I've got for good :-/ I mean, I did only give it two stars.....


The bad: The supernatural element was poorly handled. The story opens with a prologue about a girl who is clearly about to be burned to death by a demon or something. It's obviously not natural,but for the next 3/4 of the book the author is trying to pretend nothing supernatural is going on. And that was infuriating.


The friends. Don't get me wrong, I've met people and felt that insta-friend connection. They felt like they belong in your life and you've known them forever. BUT that doesn't mean you actually know them and how they'll act. So when a girl in their class goes missing and they all talk about her like they know her and her personal history, that drove me crazy. Willful ignorance is never good people!


The overall writing style was ok. It didn't resonate with me or particularly move me, and it didn't transport me into the book world. Honestly, the only reason I liked this book was because of the ballet school setting. But I won't be going to to continue the series. Thats all I've got for this book.