The Elite - Kiera Cass

tl;dr its another case of "The first one was so good but the second one was awful". I really did not like this book, it felt pointless and like a place filler just so there could be 3 books total. UGH. 

I'm not gonna bother with a description because I took it from this website anyways for my other blog. SO….

UGH. Just UGH UGH UGH. I really really liked the first book, so why. WHY does the second book have to fail so miserably???? UGH! 

So ok. America has made it to the elite - the final 6 contestants of this series. But this book basically just went back and forth between "I need to leave Aspen. No now I love Aspen he's the only one I need. But i love the prince so I need to leave Aspen. But now I hate the prince so now I need Aspen." UGHHHHHH. Can I just - I feel like a mob is attacking my insides when I have to keep reading this crap. 

Because thats what it is. I am so frustrated with love triangles when they are unrealistic, JUST LIKE THIS BOOK. I wanted so badly to like this book, but everything America does in this one just pisses me off. She is toying with both boy's emotions, neither of which should stick around for that shit. Then, she gets mad at Maxton because she keeps toying with his feelings so he goes to find affection elsewhere. I mean COME ON America! You have NO right to be mad. You are the one on a dating TV show, with the prince, and then every other hour you decide "I love him" "No now I hate him". So her BS about getting mad at him is freaking ridiculous, and pissed me off. SO selfish, so annoying. 

So thats was super dumb, especially her stunt at the end. I mean I know she was homeschooled and all, but its like she doesn't have a brain AT. ALL. So that was dumb too. 

So I might read the next book, if I remember. But this book was just SO frustrating. UGH.