The Selection - Kiera Cass

tl;dr even though I hate the Bachelor/ette tv shows, I really rather enjoyed this book. The plot was a tad weak, but it was an enjoyable read and I was able to get really into the main character…. even if she does have a weird name. 

If you want a description you'll have to read the one from goodreads cause I don't know how to give one without giving this story away.

So first I'm gonna go there: wtf is with the name? I mean, she kinda explains it at one point, but still. I just can't even…. 

Anyways. Once I got over that part, I was pretty amused with America's character. She didn't want to be part of the royal world. She didn't want to leave her caste, even though it meant more money which in turn means more food. I thought that was pretty refreshing, considering most books people are dying for fame/princes/etc. But America is all like 

Hey, thats what americans are like all the time too not matter what they do. So I guess her name fits. 

So of course, this means she's not gonna be like everyone else when she first gets to the palace. And with her first interaction with the prince. I honestly loved it. I loved that she was brutally honest with him, even if she was just judging him by what she's barely seen on tv and in the news. It was hilarious and it instantly drew me in. It was wonderful. 

Mmmm pizza. 

Anyways, Maxton our lovely prince ended up being much different than I expected as well, which I really liked. But of course there's drama with the bitch girl and the other girls in the dating game, because it wouldn't be The Bachelor without it. 

But always I generally really enjoyed this book. It was amusing, and it went by very quickly. If you watch The Bachelor, theres no reason for you to not read this book. If you don't like The Bachelor, like myself, this book actually ends up quite amusing and much better than i expected.