Deception (Defiance, #2) - C.J. Redwine

tl;dr I both enjoyed and didn't enjoy this book. Logan's parts were great, but Rachel's were tedious and frustrating. 


Description Their town has been destroyed thanks to the dark one, and a small group decided to stay and follow Logan, who is quite reluctant to take the lead of a group of people who once completely shunned him. Rachel is devastated by the irrefutable proof that her father is dead, that Oliver was murdered just for being close to her, and that she killed a man who may not have deserved to die. While they are trying to escape to another city-state away from the commander who is constantly hunting them, they must also figure out who is killing the members of their group from within. 

So this book. The story line was strong and could have been just as good as the first one, but there was one major problem. And that problem, was named Rachel. 

In every chapter that Rachel narrates, it is the exact. same. thing. Over and Over and Over again. I mean, at the start of the story I liked the character development; she was broken and guilty at all the death and killing. Her innocence was completely ripped from her and left her stranded in her guilt and anger, and without her father or Oliver to guide her she didn't know how to deal. She's never been overly feminine, so her inability to cope was - during the first couple of chapters, realistic and I liked it. But then nothing changes. She continues to bury everything, people around her know something is wrong but nobody tries to really help her or get her to talk about it. So after about the 4th chapter of Rachel's perspective and her constant same narrative of how she's a lost soul and a hollow shell of a person but she's going to bite down and tough it out so she doesn't lose it, and thats literally all I can really remember happening during her different narratives until the end. 

But Logan's narrative was awesome. He was the only reason the story flowed well at all and was carried on at a decent pace. He had so many things going on, including worrying about a haunted Rachel who would go off and do something stupid in a blind rage, but he ended up being an awesome leader for the town. 


But yeah. He was fantastic. And there was a death in this book that I was super sad about, and I wished it didn't have to happen. I mean, obviously deaths aren't something to be glad about but this one was super sad, and I think you'll get it when you read it and get to that point. Le sigh


Anyways definitely a good story overall, and maybe you guys won't find Rachel as frustrating as I did. So its worth the read, and I am looking forward to the next book as well!