The Death Cure - James Dashner

tl;dr A pretty disappointing end to the series, really. No questions answered, like at all. UGH. Though I do know there is a prequel where all the answers will be revealed, and even beyond that I have to say its still a fairly disappointing end. 

2.5 stars

Description So, they escaped the Scorch and are back with WICKED because of course they are. WICKED Keeps doing stupid shit to the gladers from both groups, so now they want to cause some mayhem and escape. And while some of them decide to get their memories back, of course Thomas doesn't so we still don't know anything at all. 

So this book. Le sigh. This book, book book. I just. 

What can I say without spoilers. Thomas doesn't get his memories back and I hate that. I can get why Minho and Newt don't want to, but since Thomas has been getting some of his memories anyways and knows that he was part of the trials and setting everything up, but he's too scared to get his memories back because of that. For real, its kind of ridiculous. And whats with Brenda knowing all this stuff and wanting to share something mysterious but Thomas basically telling her 

Um no. We humans are curious and yeah you gotta get that shit out and air it out Thomas, for real. And this Chancellor Paige situation… who the heck is she? For real? Completely absent from the book but except when mentioned once by Brenda, then she saves the day at the end with a letter? Seriously? 


These things make the chancellor seem like a really important person who, again, gets absolutely no explanation or real meeting. Awesome. I don't know I just was really quite disappointed in this book. Even the myriad of deaths that happened throughout barely evoked any emotional response from me. The only one that did was Chuck in book 1. This series had such potential. And I will go on to read the prequel because I want to know how all of this was set up, but I am not expecting good things from it. Le sigh.