Phoenix - Elizabeth  Richards

tl;dr I'm torn on this book. I hated parts of it, but the overall plot was interesting. Probably worth a read if you really enjoyed the first one. THIS REVIEW HAS SPOILERS, to the point that i can't really get through it without spoiling parts so you may as well not read it if you're like me and hate spoilers. 

Description Ash has become the symbol of the revolution. People call him the Phoenix, but Purian Rose and the current government want him dead. So they hatch some plans to try and get him to either betray the revolution or get himself killed, which of course fails. So then Ash and Natalie run away. Enter in Elijah, the bastet Natalie saved from her mother in book 1, who claims his mom was working on a weapon that could end the horrible suffering going on and completely cripple the government. So now they're trying to find that before every supernatural kind can be sent to the Tenth. 

Ok so this book… it starts off with a proposal. For real??? You're 16, and you've been dating a whole 2 months tops, and you want to PROPOSE during POLITICAL TURMOIL???? 

no. just no. Definitely not. So then of course that puts me on the defensive of this book, and I wasn't overly fond of it for the rest of the story. Plus there's this whole "she's cheating on me, i can't stand it, i hate her but i love her so i'll stick around and let her destroy my soul" focus from ash, while Natalie is over there like "boo hoo i have the wraith disease but i can't tell ash or he'll leave me and be all sad so i will let him think i'm cheating on him with elijah". It got really old, really fast. It felt like that was way more important than everything else was going on and...

The back story - which REALLY should've been the main focus was interesting though. Ash's aunt working with Elijah's mom to find a way to end Purian Rose. I'm hoping the third book will be better, but in all honesty since I have to wait for it to come out, I may not end up reading it.