A Confusion of Princes - Garth Nix

tl;dr I liked this book. It was a little rushed, but I overall I enjoyed it. 

[[MORE]]Description In the future, there are thousands of princes all vying to become the next Emperor - the ruler of all princes. In this future, princes and select others have been biologically and technologically enhanced. Khemri is a new young prince, and form the moment he is released from his training and studies, his life is constantly in danger. Such is the life of a prince. His master of assassins - Haddad - keeps him safe until he can connect to the imperial mind, which is what all the princes must do to officially become apart of the empire. But a secret mission is set up for Khemri, and he learns things about both the empire and what it means to be a real human, things he never thought he'd know. 

I enjoyed this book. Khemri is our super egotistical selfish prince, who quickly learns that the empire he grew up learning about is not all that the school books say it is. Being a prince of the empire, he is assigned a Master of Assassins for protection, and he is assigned the Master of Assassins Haddad - a legend among the ranks. Khemri is our narrator, so we learn about the empire as he does. He's got a little Han Solo snark about him, so thats amusing. 


It wasn't a very long book, a bit over 300. And a lot happens in those pages. It was very fast paced, and while at least Nix lets you know when a large amount of time passes unlike some other books, I felt like the story could've been slowed down and lengthened a little bit. Add on another 100 pages or so, that way it didn't feel so rushed. Especially since a lot of that time in the beginning is set to explaining all the modification and tech going on in this future world. Princes and select others are modified with biotech, mechtech, and psytech. These things make the princes very formidable, they can monitor their body's stats to see what exactly is going on. They can speak telepathically, and once they come of age they must connect to the "Emperial Mind' for protection. Did I mention princes can die and be brought back to life once they're connected to the Emperial Mind?


Also, they're taken as children if they're selected as candidates to be Princes. But yeah. I can't say too much more without giving away some major details. Though I do wish they had gone further with the friendship between Khemri and the girl he meets at the academy, and I did like the way the relationship between him and Raine unfolded. 

Bottom line: if you like scifi, you'll probably enjoy this book.