Crescendo - Becca Fitzpatrick

Crescendo (Hush, Hush, #2)

tl;dr What the actual fuck happened with this book? I mean for real. What happened to Nora? Was this a joke?[[MORE]]

Description: Nora and Patch break up. Nora's character becomes ridiculous and annoying, meanwhile fallen angel and nephilim shit starts heating up. 

This was literally me at the end of this book:


I mean, for real. What the hell man? I mean, ok fine you had to do the break up thing for a plot line. Ok I get that. But DEAR GOD did you have to make Nora so god damn obnoxious about it?!?! I mean, break ups suck. They really do. And I hate to admit that in my juvenile times, I behaved similarly in the going-palces-to-try-and-see-the-ex thing. But DEAR GOD. The back and forth "I hate him!" "i love him!" "I hate him" "I need him I love him" "I cant stand him!" "let me make out with you" I just lost it. It was SO hard to read. It made the book so awful to get through.


And the story on this one felt.... flimsy. I read all four of these books within 36 hours, and I honestly can't really remember the basic plot line of this book. OH! Thats right. It took me a while to get it back, but thats right. Childhood friend moves back and he's all sketch, and she uses him to make Patch jealous, meanwhile something dark and mysterious is going on with all the nephilim. I don't know, I just really didn't like this book and I can't even rant about it I disliked it so much.