Silence - Becca Fitzpatrick

Silence (Hush, Hush, #3)

tl;dr This one was a little bit better than the second, and not nearly as good as the first. Less "WTF??" and more "Where exactly are you taking this??"


Description Whats-her-butt can't remember the last 5ish months of her ilfe, 11 weeks of which she has been missing. She begins to re-experience crazy things that can't be real going on, and an unexplained attraction to the color black. 

Yeah.... thats true. That last part. She literally says she gets this impression of black and is extremely attracted to it....


You know what that makes me think?



Yeah. Sometimes, our main character here reminds me of Brick. I mean, props that she isn't just like "hey whatever amnesia let me wallow", but its kind of annoying that we know what happened to her. It would have been way more interesting had we learned what happened to her while she was in captivity for those 11 weeks, but no. 


I don't know though. This book was better than the second, but still not as good as the first was. It was just kinda... I don't know. It didn't have the same attraction as the first book did.