Speak - Laurie Halse Anderson


tl;dr This was a decent book, but the end felt like it tied things up a little too cleanly, a little too nicely for the subject matter that this book is taking on. warning, this review will contain spoilers, and you will have advanced warning.[[MORE]]

Description Melinda has become a social outcast before her freshman year even began, thanks to an incident at a party. Now, Melinda just wants to get through life with as little attention as she can, and try to forget the past - especially what happened at the party. But its not all that easy at her new high school, since everyone knows she is the reason the party got busted. 

So, I'm still unsure how I feel about this book. It had a good story overall. The social decline of a girl just starting high school after she's been raped felt real. In this rape culture, it is very common for people not to tell anyone you've been raped, should they come back and blame you for it (like most people do). Melinda's thoughts and actions felt spot on to me, but her parents didn't. It seemed like her parents just didn't care. They clearly know that something is going on with their daughter, but they don't seem to really care or try to figure out whats going on. 

And now begins the spoilers, after some cute animal gifs. 

So the end. Where everyone was like "oh its not your fault! Good job overcoming be raped! Good job fighting him off again in your super special cupboard!"Was just not real at all. The book felt upper true up until this point. Don't get me wrong, I wishI so deeply wish that we didn't live in a rape culture that would say things like "Well you were drunk so its your fault" Or "You were wearing a short skirt you were asking for it", or even just "boys will be boys!" I wish real life was like the end of this books. But it isn't. People all of the sudden accepted what she was saying without a fight, and toted her as a hero for having warned her friend about him. That doesn't happen in real life, and since up to this point, the book felt real, I was kinda upset that it didn't stay with that. Because it could have been way more powerful had we gotten to know this clearly obviously innocent young girl, then learn what happened to hear, then saw the social punishment everyone was putting on her. Having every character in the book all of the sudden just be all on her side wasn't realistic and that kinda bothered me, even though this is a fiction book. 

Anyways, aside from that part it was a good book and def worth a read.