The Assassin and the Desert - Sarah J. Maas

imagetl;dr I thought these were pretty good, and did a pretty good job of building Caleanas back story. Quick reads![[MORE]]

Description: four short stories give us some background info on Celeana and some of her adventures, and how she ends up at Endovier.

I liked this short stories. I thought they were pretty interesting, and I liked the background story it gave. Having started with Throne of Glass, of course when she mentions Sam I was insanely curious. And this satiated that curiosity. 

I loved her taking on the Pirate king, and standing up for something true that she believed in. I like the idea of where it will take the future novels. And i keep getting distracted by this Hilary Clinton gif...... 


Anyways, now that i am completely distracted from my book review, and lost my train of though, ya'll should read them. Quick reads, def worth it.