Starcrossed  - Josephine Angelini

tl;dr I really liked this book. Actually, I loved it. [[MORE]]

Description: Helen has always known shes different, though she has worked hard to hide just how different she is. She's done a pretty decent job of it, until a new family moves in to town with the same special skills she has. Bum bum BUMMMM. 

I loved this book. I really did. From the beginning, it drew me in and I loved it. It was a little confusing at first, because it starts out reading like the story had already begun. It talks about Helens secret without outright talking about them, so I at first I was like "Wait... is this the second book and I should already know whats going on here??"


But no, it turns out thats just the way it was written. At first it bugged me, but I actually started to like it. It was kinda like a mystery I wanted to know more about. What are Helens secrets? What can she really do?? And then the way she meets the super hot new guy that always appears in YA books. It was brilliant. I loved it, so different than what usually happens. 

It was awesome. I loved all the Greek mythology involved in the story of this book as well. It was a nice change from vampires, fae, zombies which seem to be in every book these days. Anyways. I liked Helen. Knowing quite a few people who are super tall, I could definitely understand her constant attempts to shrink down to average. There were some corny times, but its YA. That happens.

Long story short, I loved this book. I really did.