Reached - Ally Condie

So, I finished this series. This book was bad, the end. [[MORE]]

I mean, I liked the first book (i'll get to that review later), and I didn't really like the second book (I'll do that one later, too). So you know, I'm looking at this 500 page story and I'm like "its gotta be better".... right?




This book was SO BORING. I kept asking myself.... "When is this going to get good??" 


Yeah, dumb question. It switches between three view points, Xander, Ky, and Cassia. And the ONLY reason it was better than in the second book is because they were doing three very different things, otherwise I never would've known I was reading different narratives. 

But long story short, It was boring. I had no joy reading it, but I had to finish to know what happens. 


So yeah. Thats what happens. Sorry if this review sucks, its my first one and I cant decide just how much to reveal about the books just yet.