Crossed  - Ally Condie

tl;dr This book was terrible and boring. [[MORE]]

Description: Cassia decides to go all rebellious-like and search for Ky who has been taken away from their town on super secret Society business. Adventuring ensues, but nothing actually happens. 

Back to my review: 

I hated this book. I hated reading it, I was bored from the beginning and just knew it wouldn't get any better. But I decided after the first one I was committed, that I wanted to see this series through because I wanted to see how they would beat the Society, how they would overthrow this terribly controlling government. 

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But it sucked. It was terrible. It was like... non stop boring-ness. Many times I could have fallen asleep during this awful book. Cassia is just going on and on about how much she loves Ky and how perfect they are for each other when they hardly know each other.


And then the constant poetry in this book. It was almost non stop, and constantly repetitive of the same poem over and over and over. I hated it. It didn't flow well like the first book, it wasn't interesting like the first book, and it was way too overdone. UGH


Oh and then there was the whole switching between character's narrative. It was so poorly done. I read one review where the reviewer said she couldn't tell who was narrating which part, and I completely agree with that. There was nothing to really distinguish who was who except the people they were traveling with. 


So basically, I seriously disliked this book. I wanted to rip my hair out the entire time I was reading it. But I continued on with the series because the next book was 500 pages so something interesting HAD to happen in that one. I was convinced