The Maze Runner - James Dashner

tl;dr This book frustrated me at times, because I didn't understand the world just like the main character. So that was super frustrating. But aside from that, good story and well written. I will definitely continue the series. [[MORE]]

Description So, this teenage dude wakes up and knows nothing. He doesn't know his name,  knows nothing of his life before hand, or where he is at, or what is going on in general. He knows how to talk, knows words and what not, but anything pertaining to his life/self/personality has been wiped clean. He comes out in a civilization of teenage boys who have built a life inside this giant clearing. Every person has a job, and some of those boys must go out and search the surrounding maze to study it and try to find a way out. Horrible creatures live inside the maze, however, and anyone caught outside the closing doors after dark end up their prey. Once you get stung by one of these evil creatures, you go through the change - and the few boys that have gone through that horrible period all agree the same thing: they saw the new guy Thomas. 


So yeah. This book was fantastic. The way it was set up, none of the boys know why they're trapped in this weird maze/civilization. They've created their own words, their own life, and as long as they follow the rules they've stumbled upon, the are gifted with things they will need to survive. Its just a huge ball of mystery. 


That was frustrating for me. Most books have some sort of explanation half way through the book, some revelation. This doesn't come, it hardly comes at all in this book. You get a little bit of an explanation at the end, but its incomplete. I was still confused and had questions that were completely unanswered. James Dashner, you crafty devil, has made sure that you will read on to at least the next book to find your answers. And I'm willing to bet there will be even MORE questions left unanswered in the second to make you read the third. So yes, I will most definitely be reading the second book, and then I'm sure the third.