Dreamless - Josephine Angelini

tl;dr this was a decent sequel. Worth a read if you liked the first like I did. [[MORE]]

Description Now that Helen has found out she can hang out in the Underworld whenever she wants, she's gone on her quest to get rid of the Furies so the Delos family can be whole again. In the Underworld, she meets a boy named Orion who can also kick it down there. Stuff happens, drama goes down, and unfortunately a love triangle arises. BLEGH. 

So, like I said, it was decent. I hate hate HATE the love triangle bull. I mean for real. I am so over it, please make it stop. WHY. WHY IN EVERY YA BOOK WHY???? 

But yeah. I mean I like Orion's character. I thought he was cool and all, but why did the author have to go there? For real? And again she keeps up with the trend of revealing major plot points through other characters story lines instead of just sticking to following around Helen only. I mean, she didn't reveal as much in this one as she did in the first book, but there are still some moments where you know whats really going on, then you have to watch these characters struggle along awkwardly. And I would just get mad because its like in a movie when they make it brutally obvious that this one character is evil, but everyone else is duped and thinks they're awesome and you're just sitting there angry like "NOO WHY CANT YOU FIGURE OUT THAT ITS ALL A PACK OF LIES!!!" So thats how I felt throughout this entire book....


And the ending kind of pissed me off because yet again you know whats about to happen because its revealed too soon, so I'm just like "gat damn it." Soooo yeah. No idea where the next book is going, but you can bet I will be reading it. 

So yeah, the end.