Soulless - Gail Carriger, Gail Carriger
tl;dr I suppose I am a sucker for a feisty female heroine, and Miss Tarabotti does NOT disappoint! I loved this book. It was so fun, so funny, and just a wonderful read. I love all the supernatural lore and the way its spun. I would definitely recommend this book. 


Miss Alexia Tarabotti has had the unfortunate privilege of being a London woman with an Italian father, a curvy figure (and a voracious appetite), and an inclination to learning all things science related. Not to mention her soulless-ness. The young spinster constantly seems to find herself in the thick of some werewolf or vampire trouble, which means constantly thrown in the path of Lord Mccon - a Scottish alpha werewolf belonging to the London pack, who always seems to end up arguing with the feisty and outspoken spinster. With all these unexpected vampires appearing, and everyone believing that Miss Tarabotti is somehow to blame, Alexia must figure out what is going on before something seriously bad happens.

So I'd like to start this off by saying I've already read Gail Carriger's YA books - the Finishing School series - and loved them. So I was really excited to start these more adult books. For some reason, at my work (a book store) we store these in the SciFi section... but this books definitely seems much more romance focus (in a non-erotic way) than it does science fiction. Even though it does revolve around vampires and werewolves and ghosts. 

Anywhoo. I absolutely LOVE Miss Alexia Terabotti. She's hilarious. The fact that she's resigned herself to spinsterhood, and yet doesn't wallow in it - in fact she seems to enjoy the freedom it allows her, is fantastic. I can think of so many other books in which the leading lady would be moping and moaning for a man to marry her. HURRAY!

So yeah. I love that she is argumentative, and sarcastic, and a little improper at times. She loves science and reading and I love her for that. I just Love her. She loves food and she's not sorry about it, she has curves and she's not sorry for it.... she's fantastic. 

Now for her supporting cast. Lord Mccon is great, I love his gruffness and his inability to conform strictly to the laws of etiquette at all times. He has a temper and lets it get the best of him which makes things hilarious. And his beta, Professory Lyall is wonderful. He's quite refreshing being so much more calm and stoic than Lord Mccon and Miss Tarabotti. He makes such a wonderful contrast to those two. I love all three of them 

And then theres Lord Akeldama. OH. EM. GEE. I long for a bff as flamboyantly wonderful as Lord Akeldama. With his amazing fashion sense, his delightful nicknames for Alexia, and just his general personality... he's fantastic. Easily one of the best characters of the series, for sure. 

The general story was interesting. Alexia kills a vampire who seems to know nothing of customs, fashion, nor who more importantly what she is. Which of course, means that she must once again encounter Lord Mccon. It is clear they've met, and exchanged frustrated words many times previously. She then must deal with the powerful Westminster vampire hive and their Queen, who aren't happy with her meddling in vampire affairs as well as killing a vampire (even if he wasn't one of their own). They are quite wary of her being soulless - since she has no soul, coming in direct contact with any of the supernatural will turn them mortal while she is in contact with them - and Alexia soon has to fight for her life as someone... or something is after her. 

But yes. It ended up focusing more on the romance than i expected, but i thoroughly enjoyed the interactions so I didn't mind. I just really loved this book.