Curtsies & Conspiracies - Gail Carriger

Tl;dr I really enjoyed this book. A solid follow up to etiquette and espionage!

I must say, these books are wonderful. Sophronia is just as wonderfully spunky and smart as in the first book, and I loved it. Carrying on from the first book, the girls are continuing their classes and being examined to make sure they're up to speed. Sophronia of course gets the highest marks, but unfortunately that pits the girls against her. 

Poor Sophronia. At least she still has the sooties and Vive to keep her company, and of course Bumbersnoot. Can I just say, I love little Bumbersnoot. So cute. 

Even though he's not fluffy… but yeah. Anyways, I loved the introduction of the new guys. Lord Dingleproops, simply for his name, and Lord Mersey was quite amusing as well. Though I didn't like how aloof he seemed, because he knows he's at a school where girls learn to be intelligencers so you'd think he'd understand more of whats going on with Sophronia. 

And can I just take a moment to admire the writing style of Gale Carriger? HILARIOUS. I have a very vivid imagination to gems like this: 


Make me imagine the most hilarious of things and just start cracking up. Thank you, Ms Carriger, for that fantastic imagery. So yeah I would definitely suggest reading these, especially if you're into the whole steampunk thing.