Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn

tl;dr I hate this book. It was awful, don't read it. 

Description: A guy's wife goes missing and he tries to figure out what happened, except all the signs point to him being the guilty party. Then bam twist (which I predicted) and shenanigans ensue and shit goes down. The end. 

I seriously hated this book. The main guy (cant remember his name, and I only read it 2 weeks ago) has a super misogynist father, and he apparently picked up on some of those sexist tendencies as well. From the beginning I hate him, he comes across as selfish, rude, sexist, and idiotic. He starts out lying to the cops right away, so everything makes him look suspicious. I just get so annoyed and angry during the first half.

I seriously didn't want to keep reading it, but I'm one of those people who has to finish a book once I start it. So I continue on and keep thinking "I really hope she (the wife) ......" and I'm censoring it because if I don't I'll give away the twist. Because I basically predicted it by hoping it was what happened. Oh but this wasn't a good twist even though I guessed. Oh no, I guess the real twist came in the revealing of these characters true natures. 

So basically it goes from bad to worse. A character I thought I liked becomes just another character I hate. There are literally no characters I like in this story. Its a hateful story about stupid spiteful people, who do whatever to get what they want, and are fucking crazy. Yes thats right, I hated this book so much I had to swear. It felt like a waste of my time. It was so bad I literally stopped reading 2/3 of the way through and googled the ending so I wouldn't have to read it, but then when I did see what the ending was I had to go skim the last 100 pages just to see how it was done. 

So yeah. Basically I hated this book, I hated the characters. The writing was pretty good, and it switched between view points which was really well done as you could definitely see a difference between the characters. I suppose its not hard when one is a misogynist male and one is a batshit crazy female, but still. I've seen it done worse, most recently in the Matched Triology

SO yeah. thats how I feel about this book.