Shadow and Bone - Leigh Bardugo

tl;dr loved it! Such a good and original story, and really well written. You should really read it. Like right meow. 

Description Alina and Mal are bffs. Both orphaned at a young age because their towns were destroyed by the war, they grew up together. Alina has always had a hard time excelling at anything and has always been a little sickly, while Mal has grown to become one of the best trackers and overall a well liked guy, until one day it's descovered that Alina has magic powers. After this discovery, she is sent off to the kingdom to learn about her powers along with the other Grisha - beautiful magical people. Stuff happens. Shit goes down. Magic. 

I LOVED this book. My librarian friend yet again recommended this one (seriously, librarian friends are the best. If you don't have one, get one.), and after reading her last suggestion and enjoying it, I thought sure why not. I'll give it a go. 

So I'm reading it, right? And I'm like "yeah this is cool" and all. And you know what I appreciate the most? In so many YA books, the self consciousness and insecurities almost always take the lead. I mean hello, Twilight anyone? 


I mean don't get me wrong. I know its a super awkward period of life. But I hate when thats the main thing the leader of our book focuses on ya know? And I guess it can make it more reliable, but it gets far too over done. Anyways, this book didn't really have that. Alina talks about how she's always been kind of small and sickly, and she speaks of being jealous of the girls that flirt with Mal, but its not the focus of the book and I love that. I really do. 


Anyways. So yeah, I'm reading this book and I'm loving it, and I'm just like "WHAT IS THIS WORLD I LOVE IT SO MUCH AHHHH" and I cant get enough. I like the ideas of the Grisha, its a little bit Avatar where each magic dude kinda specializes in an element. I mean its not completely the same, but its similar. 

It was really well written. It had a good plot line to it. I just really loved this book. Like, I wish I had more specific things to say about this book but I've read about 10 books since reading this one and so it's gone a little fuzzy on the details. But I loved it enough to have to go buy the first and second books immediately after reading and returning it to the library. I've also made people at work read it too.