Siege and Storm - Leigh Bardugo

tl;dr LOVED IT. Fantastic sequel. Read it, do it now. [[MORE]]

Description Book numbero DEUX! Yes, I did just use both spanish and french. Get over it, I'm worldly. So, Alina and Mal have run away. After finding the Stag and shit going down, Alina and Mal run away. But of course, they get caught because what would a sequel be if they were just off making romantic puppy dog eyes at each other? The Darkling and his henchmen find them, and drag them onto a ship. There, we learn the Darkling is now trying to find yet another amplifier. Well shucks. Shit goes down, we meet some saucy new characters, and they make their way back to the kingdom. Alina takes over the Second Army which is full of Grisha, all while having crazy hallucinations that she's seeing the Darkling everywhere. Ruh-roh. More stuff happens, then it ends and make me angry that its over and I have to wait a year for the next one.

So, definitely not disappointed in this book at all! Sometimes the second book is not quite as good as the first. Sometimes its better. Sometimes, you don't know what to think. Well, I thought this one was just as good as the first! 

I liked where she went with this story too. And there are so many times when I'm reading these books, that Alina feels like such a real person and not realizing that she has something special within her until the last moment that it drives me crazy. I literally get anxious and frustrated and I'm like "COME ON ALINA YOU'RE THE MAIN CHARACTER OF THIS BOOK YOU CAN DO SOMETHING!!" and get all kind of stressed. 


Then at the last minute, it clicks and she figures it out. I can't remember the last time that happened in a book and affected me so much. But its done so well. She seems like such a normal person, like a real human being. Because obviously we are all the main characters of our own stories, and we don't always know right away that we can do the amazing things we are meant to do. And sometimes it takes us until that defining breaking point moment until we realize it. And thats what happens with Alina. And I love it. 

But yeah. I thought it was interesting the way the relationship between her and Mal played out, and I kinda like how it was done. Though let me get this straight. I want her to be all up on the Darkling. I am totally for her and him doin it. I am seriously attracted to the Darkling, and its annoying and awful because he's horrendously evil, but I am. 

Speaking of the Darkling. That was the one thing that annoyed the crap out of me. Constantly referring to him as "The Darkling" and never giving him a real name? UGH! I mean, I get it. He's got his legacy to protect and his evil deeds to be doin and fear to be inspirin, but UGH cant SOMEONE figure out his real name???? Please? For real. 


But yeah, thats really my only complaint with these books. Otherwise, everyone needs to read them!
The end!