Speechless - Hannah Harrington

tl;dr I really liked this story. It was sad, and at times the narrative was frustrating, but I liked it. [[MORE]]

Description Chelsea is a huge gossip and everyone knows it. She's in the popular group, and she cant help but talk about everyone and their business. Until one night, when she cant keep her mouth shut, her big mouth gets some people in serious trouble. So of course, she gets kicked out of the popular group and she then decides to take a vow of silence. 

This was a great story. I loved the way it took on gossip and just how much it can hurt someone, especially in a high school setting where people are so malleable and just want to be popular. 

I thought it was really interesting that she decided to take a vow of silence, but I loved that she did. It made the story so interesting and different, how she had to learn to communicate differently and really think about what was happening and why instead of instantly firing off an retort. And there were times when you wanted her to fight back, to yell at the jerks giving her a hard time but she didn't because she didn't want to give up on her personal challenge.


Anyways. I loved this book. There were times that it was annoying because of the very teenage way of thinking "UGH WHY AM I NOT POPULAR" "GOSH I JUST WISH I WAS POPULAR AGAIN" stuff, but that kinda happens with a 16 year old girl in high school. I liked the way her interactions with people, especially the people she wronged, went. I liked how she changed. I just thought the story was really well done and really well.