The Fault in Our Stars - John Green

tl:dr amazing. Must read for everyone. 5 stars x 1billion. [[MORE]]

Description: Seriously.... if you need a description I don't even know what to say to you, except where the eff have you been? But here it is anyways: Hazel is a teenager who was diagnosed with cancer from a young age. Her parents are worried she's depressed and doesn't socialize enough, so they make her go to group therapy sessions. There, she meets a boy named Augustus. Life happens. 

I loved this book. I really did. And I can definitely see why it gets all the hype that it has gotten. It was fantastically written, with very real characters thinking very real thoughts. Its also one that is not a common thing to write about - a teenager with cancer.  For that I say, thumbs up for originality in a market filled with sissy vampires.

Anyways. I liked this story. It wasn't the immediate sucker punch of feels I was expecting, but maybe thats because I've known a few too many people of varying ages with cancer. Hazel's motivation and ideas were expected. Not wanting to put her cancer-free friends through the awkwardness of hanging out with cancer, she ends up hanging out on her own watching bad reality tv and reading. She sounds like me, minus the cancer. Unless you can call student loan debt a cancer. Hmm....

Anyways. I liked Hazel. I liked Augustus. Of course, then halfway through, right when you love the characters the most, evil John Green decides to rip your heart out. 


Thanks for that sir. Thank you. You know when you're reading a book, and you just know something bad is gonna happen but you think its gonna happen to this one character, and then something bad happens to a character you're not worrying about? Yeah. Thanks for that Mr. Green. Thanks. I just have one question for you John Green, one question. 


Anyways. A great story, be prepared to cry. Read it. Seriously, hide away from humanity for the day and read it. You're not gonna want to be seen crying miserably over this book, trust me. There wont be any pretty crying involved in this book. Oh no. It gets in deep and you are sobbing non stop, deep heaving ugly sobs. Then you'll need a nap from all the emotions and weeping.