The Silver Linings Playbook - Matthew Quick

Yes, I know, how dare I use the movie cover version of the book?! Well, thats because its the version I read. 

tl;dr I liked it. Different enough from the movie to be interesting, and I can definitely see why the changes were made for a screen adaption, but still a great story. [[MORE]]

Description Pat and his wife Nikki are not doing so well. After Pat spends some time in a mental health institution, he has come to believe that if he gets in shape and reads all the books Nikki has her classes read, she will love him again and come back to him. 

I really liked this book. I really liked that our protagonist had a mental illness. But I can definitely see why they made the changes they did to the movie. It wouldn't have been as easy to like the movie had they not made the changes they did. Especially with Pat's dad. He was a dick, and even while making progress in his relationship with his son, he was still a dick. Definitely hard to like him at times. Also, changing the dance thing to be a real competition made it way more believable that Tiffany was able to get Pat to be part of it. Anyways, I loved it so ya'll need to read it!