The Kill Order - James Dashner

tl;dr SO DISAPPOINTING. This book was so terribly disappointing, it took me a solid 3 hours to get over it. A whole new set of characters, and there was only one of them I liked. And it wasn't our main guy. UGH

Description A crap prequel to The Maze Runner trilogy, showing the events leading up to WICKED. Ish.

Ok. I can't even properly review this one because 4 days later, I STILL AM SO DISAPPOINTED WITH THIS BOOK IT MAKES ME ANGRY. All I have to say is: any answers you were looking for are not in this book. You do not get to see how WICKED was actually formed. You do not get to see how the maze was created. You do not get to see Thomas' input into the maze, and he he helped create it. What you do get, is a handful of brand spanking new characters. And honestly, I couldn't care about any of these characters except one: the military old man who i can't remember his name. Mark was basically the dumbest main character ever (actually dumb, not just "i think he's dumb" but "let me make this loud noise in the middle of this crowded foreign building we just secretly infiltrated") and I just. AHHHH.

So yeah. I am really unhappy with this book, it was a waste of my time.