Hush, Hush - Becca Fitzpatrick

Hush, Hush (Hush, Hush, #1)

tl;dr LOVED IT! I thought it was great and really well done. So different than what I expected. READ IT MEOW![[MORE]]

Description: Nora's life hasn't been the same since her dad died, and now her teacher is mixing things up in the classroom as well. Switching the seating chart at the end of the year lands Nora sitting next to Patch, a dangerous looking hottie with a weird name. Cue the mysterious intrigue and lust, and crazy shit going down, all of it revolving around fallen angels and nephilim. 

So... I really liked this book. I loved Nora, I thought she was really fun to read. A little bit snarky, pretty smart, although dumb and the weirdest moments (makes her kind of real I guess). Of course she's drawn to Patch. He's tall, dark, handsome, and mysterious. Then of course, starts the stalking. The poor girl didn't have enough to deal with what with her dad being murdered, but now she's gotta be stalked too? Shame. 


Anyways, then of course enter the other new super-hotties. And then I start getting wary of a love triangle sort of thing which - THANK THE LAWD - doesn't actually happen. So thats awesome. 


But yeah. It was a really interesting story, and a different take on fallen angels than what I expected so that was awesome. Anything unexpected is definitely great. The bad thing about this one though, is that there wasn't really any suspense to it. You pretty much knew what was going to happen when it was going to happen, which was a shame. 


And there were some points where Nora would make these crazy intuitive leaps that you're just like.... "huh??" Also, [MILD SPOILER ALERT HERE] I found it a little weird that Patch started calling her angel as his pet name. I mean really? You're a fallen angel, and you're calling this human an angel?

But yeah. Aside from those couple of things, I really enjoyed this book! HURRAY!