The Help - Kathryn Stockett

tl;dr I enjoyed the story, and the readers of this audiobook were absolutely fantastic! There were three - one for Abeline, one for Minny, and one for Skeeter, and they did a great job! 

Description The story follows three women in Mississippi in 1962; Skeeter - a young white Ole Miss graduate who wants to be more than just another southern housewife, Aibileen - an older black Maid who loves taking care of children and works for one of Skeeter's long time friends but who has recently lost her son, and Minny Jackson - a younger black maid with a penchant for sassing her employers. The three end up getting together to work on a project that is controversial - and illegal in their time, and end up forming an unlikely friendship. 

So, I saw the movie before reading the book. I know! I know, I usually like to read the book first but it just didn't happen with this time around. And I've come to learn that whenever I read the book first, I am typically unforgiving of any changes they make. When I see the movie first, though, I typically end up thinking "OH it makes sense that they had to change that and make that more Hollywood and blah." 


Anyway. This book definitely has a much longer timeline than the movie did, which made the whole story of them writing a book much more realistic. And I felt like the danger and tension of what they were doing was built up quite well, as well as Skeeter's gradual understanding of that danger was build up well. The three women who read the books did such a fantastic job. 


Listening to the book being read was the way to go, I think, because I think if I had been reading it there may have been moments in which it felt like it was lagging a little bit. But reading it, there wasn't really many moments that it felt that way. Though, towards the end if did get a little drag-y. A little drawn out. But overall it was a good story and rather enjoyable, especially in audiobook format!