Life As We Knew It - Susan Beth Pfeffer

tl;dr this book was pretty good. Not amazing. But it definitely makes you think about what you'd do in a crisis situation. [[MORE]]

Description Miranda is a 16 year old living in Pennsylvania, obsessed with an Olympic figure skater from her area and spends her day fangirling over him. Its May, almost the end of her school year. On the news, everyone is talking about how a large meteor is going to hit the moon, and how cool it'll be to see it. But they were wrong. Suddenly, the moon is too close to the Earth and shit is going down. 

This was an ok book. The main character was a normal teenage girl. I'd find myself getting annoyed about her whining, about her selfishness until I realized - I probably would've been the same back then. Or damn close.


The story takes place through journal entries written by Miranda, starting from May (a few weeks before the moon thing) through the following March. It felt realistic. This book, the way it was written, it seems like it could happen. And at times, because it was so real, it made me quite anxious. 


And it really made me think a lot about what I'd do in those situations. How would I handle it? I mean now would be a completely different story than when I was 16. And I mean, when I look back on the World Trade Center attacks on 11 September when I was 13, it really didn't hit me like it did for so many others because I had no connections to New York. I didn't know anyone who lived there, who worked at the World Trade Towers, or who had even gone east for a visit. So, while it was upsetting and saddening, it didn't affect me like it did others. And you can see that happening in this story with Miranda too. At one point, even one of her classmates mentions it. 


Anyways. It was quite well done, but its not an action-packed story. Its a story about real people doing what they can to survive in crazy conditions. And in that respect, it was well done. Definitely not my favorite, but it was interesting to read. I doubt I'll read the others in the series.