Throne of Glass - Sarah J. Maas

tl;dr i LOVED this book. I loved Celaena, I loved this book, I loved it. [[MORE]]

Description The world's best assassin is sought out by the crown prince to fight in a competition amongst other assassins to be named the King's Champion and official Assassin. How many more times can I use the word assassin? Anyways. During the competition, though, the other champions are mysteriously killed off in disturbing and brutal ways. Can Celaena figure out how these deaths are happening before it is too late? 

So, this book was fantastic. I loved it. I loved how feisty Celaena is! She is not about to take shit from anyone, even the Prince himself. And for that, i love her.


I've come to learn that I lovestrong female protagonist who is fighter. A girl/woman who won't give up easily, or wait for the dudes to get shit done, or who is just there for the sake of being there. I cannot stand when the main character in one of these fantasy novels does nothing. 

And thats why I loved this character so much. She's an all out fighter. She survived a death camp, and not only did she survive but she scared her captors there as well. She will verbally spar with any male character that comes in, especially when he thinks he's better than her. And I can see how some people may not like that, but I absolutely love it. She has a temper and I love her for that too, but maybe thats because I am similarly quick to anger at times. I don't know. But I loved her main character. 

Anyways, everything about this story was done well in my opinion. It had a good pace and flow, a few surprises here and there, and it was well written. Reading this book: