Bloodlines - Richelle Mead

tl;dr I couldn't really get into this book…. :-/

Description Still set in the fantastic world from Vampire Academy, this book stars the alchemist Sydney Melrose. After her run in with Rose, Lissa, and Dimitri, she's been a sort of outcast in the alchemist circles. Then one night, they send her on a mission to protect Jill from some serious threats at court. Jill, however, insists that Adiran comes along as well. Nefarious things happen, prejudices flare, and we get a brief glimpse of Rose in the beginning. 

I honestly could not get into this book. Which sucks because I love Richelle Mead as an author, and I love the Vampire Academy series. I love the world Richelle built in VA, and in that story as well I really liked Sydney. But unfortunately, she just fell flat for me in this book. I couldn't connect with her character and her prejudices about the vampires and dhampirs. It was an interesting story, and I'm sure the next ones that follow will be pretty good as well, but if I am completely honest with myself - the only reason I would continue to read this books is for more glimpses of Dimitri, Rose, and Lissa. And thats not really fair.

I mean, I'm so sad I didn't like this book more that I can't even come up with some snarky gifs to carry along my point. Because I really wish I liked these books. And maybe, if I run out of other books to read and don't have 7 books out from the library and 7 on hold in my queue, I may go back and  read the next couple of books. But its not high up on my priority list.