Unwind - Neal Shusterman

tl;dr A very interesting dystopian novel, pretty well written though I don't know if I liked it enough to continue the trilogy. [[MORE]]

Description: Set in the future where you can choose to have your troubled child between the ages of 13-18 "unwound" - basically harvested alive for organs. Our three main characters from very different backgrounds are set to be unwound, and end up crossing paths. 

I thought this one was super interesting. A civil war happens because people cant agree on abortion and its legality, so they end up making a law that that allows you to basically kill your child if you cant handle them anymore once they turn 13. It doesn't seem super realistic, but its still and interesting idea that the author has delved into. 


The main characters are ok, but forgettable. One is a troubled teen, another is from a state home and since she isn't good enough at piano she's sent to be unwound, and one is from a religious family who decided from birth that their son would be unwound, or tithed. I thought the transformation of the religious kid was a bit extreme and not really believable. 


Umm. Anyways, you can definitely tell its written for a younger audience, but it was still an interesting story that kept me curious throughout the whole book. For example, kids who are sent to be unwound have every piece of their bodies harvested to give to people who need them. When someone gets that body part, it still has its original muscle memory. For example, early on in the book our main character (really cant remember his name.... we'll call him A) meets this guy who got a new hand from an unwound kid. This hand still knows how to do magic tricks even though the recipient never learned any magic. 


So yeah. I'd say the first one is definitely worth a read, and the ideas he presents make you think. I don't know that I like it enough to finish reading the series, but on its own it was a really good story.