Wicked Lovely - Melissa Marr
tl;dr |✭✭✭½✩| I liked this story! It was a little dark, different, and interesting. The writing style was ok, the story was pretty good, and after this book I was interested in continuing the series. 

Description Aislinn has always been cursed with the ability to see Faeries. While they are blind to all other mortals, she can see their cruelty, their violence, and their wicked ways. When a pair of faeries start following her, Aislinn does her best to ignore them to no avail. When she learns the faerie boy Keenan is none other than the King of the Summer court, Aislinn knows she has to find a way to get rid of him before everything and everyone she knows is destroyed. 

So this book. I will say that it does kind of have a love triangle, but it doesn't seem like a true love triangle to me in the frustrating sense. Aislinn has feelings for her best friend Seth, but she thinks he sees her as a little sister. Keenan, King of the Summer court comes along and realizes he needs Aislinn to be part of his court, but Aislinn is terrified of him and hates him. So it really wasn't as bad as a love triangle invariably becomes. 


I really liked Seth's character. I'm not usually into dudes with tons of facial piercings (which Miss Meyer constantly loves to remind us he has by the myriad of times she mentions him tugging at some facial piercing or another... ok we get it. his face is full of metal), and honestly i wanted to like Keenan so much more. But I didn't. And that was both shocking for me and amusing. It kept me into the story. Because I see Keenan, this well groomed wealthy looking classically beautiful guy vying for Aislinns attention, fighting against Seth. This dark haired, many pierced and tattooed guy who I totally imagine to be the long lean kind of dude. But Seth totally won me over in these books, its crazy.  


Anyways. I was really intrigued by this story. I wasn't overly impressed with the writing style, and I honestly did struggle to get into it at first. The first 75 pages or so were a struggle, but once I got over that hump the story picked up page and was much more engaging. I was a little tired when I started this book too, though, so that could've been an issue. (Spoiler alert - it wasn't. I had the same issue with the other books in the series). But yeah, interesting story and I would continue reading them!