Heat Wave (Nikki Heat) - Richard Castle

tl;dr this was kind of like a poorly done fan fiction of the tv show.... and I was hoping for more since these are supposed to be his book and supposed to show him being an amazing writer.... not all that impressed. Probably would not read another. 

Oooookay. So I happen to enjoy the TV show. I like Castle, I think its a fun show albeit another typical cop show. But its amusing, and Nathon Fillion is great, its just fun. So I was be-boppin around my library looking for an audiobook because I'm currently in the middle of reading a book more for learning than for fun enjoyment. But that means that I am unable to read one of the 59 books I have waiting in my bedroom. 

But, I've also never listened to an audiobook before. So, I decided to pick up this book and A Game of Thrones (#1, which I will get to in another review) to give it a shot. I figure it'll be good for commuting to work by car and all that. So I'm listening to this, and honestly.... the story is not that great. Its basically like an episode on TV, only worse. You don't get anything from any of the characters... its from Nikki's POV which is fine but she feels one dimensional. All the characters feel one dimensional and flat.

So that was annoying. And then the reader was kind of dull too. You couldn't really tell the difference between the characters when he was voicing them, even though he did attempt to do a different "voice" for each character. He gave Nikki this weird breathless voice... idk. I just wasn't overly fond of his reading style. 

Anyways. Idk, I wouldn't really recommend this book, nor the audiobook. I didn't hate it, but I certainly wasn't impressed. I was pretty... nothing about it.