Soul Screamers Volume Two: My Soul to KeepMy Soul to StealReaper (Harlequin Teen) - Rachel Vincent

tl;dr overall these were enjoyable additions to the story. My Soul to Keep was better than My Soul to Steal - that one unfortunately got old fast. But Reaper was pretty good also. Overall, enjoyable reads. [[MORE]]Warning - this review will contain spoilers because, lets be real - how can it not? What with it being 3 books in one. So you've had your warning. 

My soul to keep
Nash and Kaylee are back and it turns out some of her classmates are getting into this new drug called frost. But what those kids don't know, is it's demons breath (DUN DUN DUN). They have to figure out how these kids are getting it and what hellion is providing it.

My soul to steal
Nash and kaylee are on the rocks, and who shows up but Nash's super hot ex girlfriend. She's not human of course, she's a Mara - an actual nightmare. While Kaylee is off being insecure about Nash's ex showing up, the school is turning into a crazy house with people attacking others out of jealousy and anger, and four of her teachers have died of "natural causes" within the week. 

A prequel from the first book all about how Tod became a reaper. 

So lets see, I enjoyed the first book - My Soul To Keep - it was really interesting. The idea that someone starts peddling demons breath as a drug was quite intriguing, and the setup for Nash having used the drug as well was both sad and an interesting turn of events. I can't lie, when I fist read the synopsis of the second book and saw Nash and Kaylee had broken up, I was super worried that it'd be something silly and due to insecurities. But this was well done. I actually commend Kaylee for taking her time away after the things that were done to her, because its so hard to step away from someone you love both so they can get their act together, and because she needed to figure out if she could forgive what happened. 

As for My Soul to Steal… This one was a bit repetitive and tedious to me. I mean, good for you for breaking up with Nash, Kaylee. And I get that you still love the guy you first met, and you hope he can be better. I get that. But UGH with the introduction of the ex, which makes Kaylee go all "I don't want him right now but nobody else can have him right now either" and be all kinds of insecure around the ex. It just gets very very… banal. I had to kind of force my way through this one to get through it. 

And Reaper … It was good. But not great. I liked seeing how Tod becomes a reaper, so it was definitely an interesting story, but after having read 4 books and one novella from Kaylee's POV… the story from Tod's POV sounded the exact same. So I had to remember that this was Tod's story and not Kaylee's story. But aside from that it was amusing and a nice little addition to the story.